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Planning Services

Helping you Thrive 

Our Programs

We understand complex care needs of individuals, and provide you with a comprehensive plan which is able to meet your individual needs.

We have a firm understanding of state programs and other services that may be available to you. All Support Planners at A Spark of Inspiration are certified through the Department of Human Services. 

Keyboard and Mouse
Family and Social Worker

Support Planning

We provide comprehensive support planning for CSG program and Consumer Directed Community Supports-CDCS a program under the waiver; AC, EW, CADI, DD, CAC and TBI.


Support Planners

Meet our amazing team of Certified Support Planners at A Spark of Inspiration.

We work as a team to support our consumers. 

Plan Writing 

We provide information about CDCS and provider option, assist with the development, and revisions of the community support plan, provide support with monitoring expenditures, research and coordinate purchases and the delivery of services and supports for the individual, assist with solving problems that may occur during the service delivery process and participate in the community by locating and providing information and resources. When requested we assist with recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling and monitoring support worker

Lana Lambrecht, RN PHN, QDDP
support with interviews and plan writing

Certified Support Planner

Phone: 763-260-0182

Fax: 763-577-4197

Robert  Lambrecht
support with plan writing

Certified Support Planner

Phone: 763-333-5952

Fax: 763-577-4197

Patti Sexton, LSW
support with Change forms

Certified Support Planner


Fax: 763-577-4197

Schedule 30 minute meeting change forms/ questions
Schedule 60 minute meeting change forms/ questions
Schedule 90 minute meeting CDCS plan renewal
Schedule 135 minute meeting CDCS new plans/ transfer clients

Pricing For Planning 

Support Planning: fees are paid out from your CDCS or CSG budget. Hourly rate of $60-65, prorated in 15 minute increments. Each plan varies on the length of time to complete. 

When needing additional supports for getting services or goods set up, this is additional support planning services at an hourly rate.

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