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Our Programs

A Spark of Possibilities offers 245D licensed specialist services and positive supports for children with a variety of special needs as of January 1st, 2023. We also offer open gym on Saturdays, that is available for everyone in the community to enjoy! Date Nights every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month offer another option for families in need of respite. Follow us on social media for updates!

Our mission is to provide school aged youth with a cornerstone for development, to provide a safe and engaging environment for children to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually.

The sensory gym offers a variety of rooms to engage children’s needs, encourage exploration and sensory input. We have trained staff providing encouragement, supervision, engagement, and positive redirection. A nurse will be on staff at all times to help support children with medical cares, and treatments.


Day Camp

Camps are offered to engage children through sensory, socialization and learning

Host a Party at the center!


Respite: coming soon!

Every one needs a break now and then to recharge. We have trained staff and nursing care to provide every child with holistic care.

Open Gym

Looking for something fun? Need sensory input? Somewhere to get the wiggles out? Come for a visit. 

We offer social skill nights twice per month to give kiddos a chance to learn through play with their peers and give caregivers that much-needed break 


Date Night Post.png

Summertime is just around the bend!! Take a peek at our themed weeks planned for 2023 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Summer Session Themes_edited_edited.jpg

Around the Center

Check out some of the different sensory rooms at A Spark of Possibilities! 

Gross Motor 

This area allows children vestibular play, sensory stimulation, and interactions with peers of all abilities. This helps to build or maintain muscle coordination, brain balance and bilateral coordination, while meeting sensory input needs.

Sound Room

This area enables children explore a variety of sounds and vibrations to help with calming or who are hard of hearing. Music sensory can encourage communication, fine motor skills, and rhythm.

Tactile Room

This area allows children to explore a variety of textures, shapes, viscosities and building blocks. This helps to increase tolerance to unfavorable textures, sensory stimulation for sensory seeking children, and enhance fine motor abilities through play.

Arts & Crafts

This promotes creativity, self-expression, fine motor skills, cognitive attention, and following directions regarding the craft. Art and craft have been beneficial for reducing stress/ anxiety.

Light Room

This area enables children to be aware of visual stimuli, increase visual contrast and calming through color, light level, motion, contrast and cause and effect. This helps to increase eye convergence, brain balance, cause and effect through play.

Read & Relax

A variety of books are stocked, and a cozy seating area isavailable to kids who love reading, enjoy listening to stories or just a place to relax.


This is an outdoor space that has a variety of plants for children to touch, smell and pick during the warmer months. This is in the beginning phases with much more growth to be had. 

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