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Sensory Sacks

We understand the range of sensory needs with daily activities, as well as incorporating those needs into skill and relationship building. We have created a tool kit to support your child's growth and development - Sparky's Sensory Sacks!

( $30 each plus shipping )


Please fill out the form below to receive your Sparky Sensory Sack!

Remember, we create a different sensory sack every month! Let's Grow Together!

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Thanks for your order! Check your email for an invoice to pay. After payment, expect to receive your sack in 3-5 business days! All proceeds will go to fund future Sparky Sensory Sacks!


Team Spark will be providing detailed information, tips, and resources on a variety of sensory processing systems - Every month we will cover a new topic so you won't want to miss out!


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Vestibular Sensory Processing in Your Child >>>>

What is it?

What can we do as parents & guardians?

Signs to look for in your child.

The difference between hyperresponsive & hyporesponsive.

Exercising the vestibular system.

This month's Sensory Sack includes: a corded and cordless jump rope, set of ten cones, an exercise ball, and a laminated vestibular exercise sheet with more in depth exercises.


Fine Motor Development and Strength>>>>

What is it?

What does it look like?

What can we do as parents & guardians?

Tools to help.

This month's Sensory Sack includes: a pencil grip, silly scent sand, cookie cutter stamp activity, shoelace activity, modeling clay, a stress ball, sorting activity, crayons, and a dry erase activity page (marker included).

Fine Motor and Strength.jpg
Fine Motor and Strength5.jpg
Fine Motor and Strength1.jpg
Fine Motor and Strength3.jpg
Fine Motor and Strength4.jpg
Fine Motor and Strength2.jpg
Let's Grow Together.png

Check Back for Next Month's Sensory Topic>>>>>>>>>

The Proprioceptive System >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What is it?

Difficulties children may have.

What can we do as parents & guardians?

This month's Sensory Sack is a collection of items we have chosen on Amazon! See links attached to the pictures below to purchase on Amazon. Remember, our previous sensory sacks are still available for purchase! Order today!

Proprioceptive System1.jpg
Proprioceptive System2.jpg
Proprioceptive System3.jpg
Proprioceptive System.jpg
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